What Are Class Chips In Call Of Duty Mobile


What Are Class Chips In Call Of Duty Mobile When delving into the exhilarating realm of Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale, players are bestowed with the tantalizing choice of ten distinct classes to wield. The trajectory of your in-game prowess rests in your hands as you decide which class resonates with your playstyle. To facilitate your journey through this diverse selection, we present the COD Mobile Battle Royale Class Guide, an illuminating compendium of all classes at your disposal.

Navigating the Arsenal: Unveiling COD Mobile Battle Royale Classes

What Are Class Chips In Call Of Duty Mobile
What Are Class Chips In Call Of Duty Mobile

1. Class Variety and Choice

COD Mobile’s Battle Royale segment unfurls a tapestry of diversity through an array of classes, each endowed with unique skills tailored to distinct playstyles. These classes have been meticulously categorized into five clusters, adding depth and nuance to your tactical choices.

2. Unveiling the Arsenal: The Disrupt Class

Trap Master: Introduced with the Season 4 update, Trap Master harnesses the electric tripwire. This ingenious tool, when strategically deployed, inflicts damage and immobilizes adversaries upon contact. Enhanced versions heighten its potency, raising its damage output to an impressive 145.

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3. The Trickster’s Deception

Trickster: For 2000 credits, the Trickster is unlockable via the Credit Shop. This enigmatic ability projects holographic doppelgängers, shrouding the battlefield in deception. Suitable for both offensive stratagems and defensive retreats, Trickster confounds opponents and amplifies auditory awareness.

What Are Class Chips In Call Of Duty Mobile
What Are Class Chips In Call Of Duty Mobile

4. Unveiling the Smoke Bomber

Smoke Bomber: Unleashing voluminous clouds of obscuring smoke, the Smoke Bomber creates a tactical haze that slows adversaries and exposes their silhouettes. With an intriguing twist on traditional smoke grenades, the Smoke Bomber grants both visibility and strategic advantage.

5. The Tactical Wizardry of the Hacker

Hacker: An embodiment of tactical mastery, Hacker empowers players to dismantle enemy gadgets and harness their minimap’s insights. A calculated approach to disarming traps and hacking rivals enhances your strategic edge while minimizing radar interference.

6. Unleashing the Chrono Manipulator: Rewind

Rewind: Enabling players to teleport back to a previous location, Rewind facilitates swift maneuvers and flanking maneuvers. Seasoned players can now capitalize on this ability twice after class promotion, a testament to its potency.

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Pioneering Stealth Strategies

What Are Class Chips In Call Of Duty Mobile
What Are Class Chips In Call Of Duty Mobile

7. The Cunning Ninja Class

Ninja: With its grapple hook, Ninja embodies agility and adaptability. Offering a versatile tool for evading threats and navigating complex terrain, this class’s unique synergy with chip terminal upgrades activates the coveted “Dead Silence” trait.

8. Poltergeist’s Stealth Mastery

Poltergeist: Introduced in the Wild West Update, Poltergeist relies on cunning and camouflage to ambush adversaries. Active Camo cloaking ensures seamless positioning and maneuvering, enabling tactical assaults and swift escapes.

What Are Class Chips In Call Of Duty Mobile
What Are Class Chips In Call Of Duty Mobile

9. The Might of Pumped

Pumped: A formidable choice, Pumped empowers players with enhanced jump capabilities and improved accuracy while airborne. Skilled mastery of these traits transforms you into a potent force, adept at traversing varied terrains and altering combat dynamics.

10. The Quick Strike Maven

Quick Strike: Within the Stealth category, Quick Strike unveils an ingenious sword-wielding ability. With the power to deflect frontal bullets while blocking, Quick Strike instills a heightened sense of control and resilience.

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In summary, the COD Mobile Battle Royale arena is an intricately woven tapestry of diverse classes, each carrying its unique potential and strategic allure. Your selection, guided by your playstyle and tactical finesse, holds the key to unlocking unparalleled gaming experiences. Embrace these classes, master their intricacies, and propel yourself to the zenith of Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale supremacy.

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